How To treat Toenail Fungas Effectively

Treating toenail fungas is not an easy task to undertake. Yet it is’nt an impossible task either, so long as you know which nail fungas you are dealing with. There are several different types of nail fungas and provided you know which type you have; based on sympyoms of each you can fairly easily identify the type you have. Once you have identified the type of nail fungas you or a loved one has treatment is relatively easy.

Types of Nail fungas The most common nail fungas is Onychomycosis. This fungas is an infection of the nails that causes an infection in the skin underneath the nail bed. If left untreated the infection spreads to the nail itself causing discoloration-yellow or white, unpleasent and sometimes offensive oder, nail splitting, cracking seperating from the nail bed and can be an ongoing infection that is hard to treat.

The second type of nail fungas infection is called white cosmetic onychomycosis. This type of fungal infection is a superficial infection caises white spots to appear on the top of the nail bed. If not treated soon enoigh the top layer of the nail becomes crumbely with a chalk like substance. Unlike Onychomycosis the nail does not thicken and it dose’nt seperate from the nail bed. This type of nail fungas is easily treated.

The next type of nail fungas is Candida Onychomycosis. This type infection is most comon in fingernails but can be found in toenails as well. Candida is a yeast infection of the nails that can cause a white-green-brownish discoloration, It affects the nail itself as well as the skin surrounding the nail. It may affect all of the nails on the hand or foot, cause the nail to seperate from the nail bed, attacks weakened areas of the nail which caise discoloration and an odd shaped nail. The nail can appear thick and show evidence of infection: red, swollen tender and/or warm surrounding skin in contrast to the previous two types of fungal nail infections Candida can be very painful.

Proximal subingual Onychomycosis is commonly found in those affected from the Aids virus. It is caused by a pathogenic fungas that affects the nail base and isually causing the skin around the nail to thicken. The nail may look white the skin around the nail opaque in colo. Additionally, the skin on top around the nail may get infected.

So Just How Do You Treat a Nail Fungas Infection? If you know the type of nail fungal infection you have treatment is waiting for you! Thats right, you can successfully treat a nail infection easily and in the comfort and privacy of your home. Once you have identified the type of nail fungas you have you can begin treating your condition.

Finding the best treatment for your toenail fungal infection can be an exhausting affair. Not all toenail infections are the same so you want to be sure that what you do to treat your nail infection is not only cost effective but cure effective as well. There are many products available for treating toenail fungas infections so be sure you research each one before settling on any one product. One treatment that has proven to be 99 per cent effective is a combination of a spray and a polish like substance that you paint your nails with, the results: Zeta clear works. Oral Lamisil, Clairpro, Dermasil and Fungixix are the top five nail fungas treatments available that have shown good results after several months use. Besides these top ranking treatments there are numerous home remedy treatments such as soaking your feet in vinegar-yes it does really work and is very inexpensive if you can handle the strong acidic odor.

Which ever method of treatment you chose it behooves you to research the product well before use and follow the product label instructions. Many of these treatments require lengthy times to see results and also, in many cases this treatment will be ongoing to continue the lasting results you want.


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